Learn how to crochet

To learn all the basic crochet stitches, it’s easiest to use video’s. Therefore, I’ve selected the best youtube video’s for you. Click on the stitch name to open the video.

For information about how to hold your crochet needle and yarn, how to start up, color changes and finishing off, I’d like to refer you to the youtubechannel of CrochetGuru.

Note; The abbrevations are as used by me and are not universal.

Abbrevation Stitch Function of the stitch
Magic circle This is a great way to start when you’re working in rounds. It takes some time to learn but you’ll never use a different method once you get the hang of it!

Sc Single crochet stitch This is the basic crochet stitch you will use the most. In the video this stitch is used to crochet a square (from the right to the left and back) but it can also be used when crocheting in circles.

Ch Chain stitch This stitch is used to create a chain. It’s used as a basis when you crochet squares (from left to right and back) or when you want to create an oval shape, in that case you can use it instead of a magice circle.

Hdsc Half double crochet This stitch is slightly higher than a single crochet stitch.

Dsc Double crochet This stitch is double the height of a regular single crochet.

Inc Increase Crochet multiple stitches into one stitch.

Dec Decrease Crochet two or more stitches together.

Stst Slip stitch  This is actually half a stitch, very nice to finish off without any hight difference between rows or close a round.


Special stitches (for the more experienced)

Abbrevation Stitch Function of the stitch
Pop Popcorn stitch (also called raspberry stitch of bobblestitch) A very decorative stitch for fun projects like hats, scarfs or sheep.

Lsc Loop stitch A great stitch once you get the hang of it! This will create loops attached to your stitches. You can turn them into hair or just leave the decorative loops.